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"Transgender is defined as someone whose gender identity assigned at birth is not congruent with the gender they identify as," explains Dr. "While the latest studies have shown only .3 percent of the population identifies as transgender, it's a hot topic right now and has definitely gotten people talking about what it means to them.As it turns out, gender, like sexual orientation, may exist more on a spectrum than we once believed." The transgender identity is something that our society is still learning about, so it's understandable why many people don't think they'd be open to having a relationship with a trans person.The survey also shows that online daters don't need a pick-up line; they are conversationalists who show an interest in others.Only 16 percent of singles who have never online dated and don't plan to report opening a conversation with an observation versus nearly 30 percent of those who have previously dated online."Over the past five years, dating apps like Tinder have played such a significant role in connecting people for the long term. Only 9 percent of Tinder users report that they find it challenging to maintain a committed relationship; significantly lower than the national average.While hesitation to use Tinder might stem from negative preconceived notions, we've actually proven that singles will find just as much, if not more, success using dating apps than dating solely offline," said Dr. The Modern Dating Myths survey discusses the following dating myths and more: Myth #1: Dating apps? Myth #2: Keeping a conversation on a dating app is like pulling teeth, and don't even get me started on ghosting!

Myth #3: The only way anyone finds success on dating apps is by being really, really ridiculously good looking.The international readers were incredibly self-assured. Rather than punching above their weight, on average daters scored themselves as 7.3 out of 10, and their dates just 6.5 out of 10. Hong Kong Men are the Biggest Players One of the questions on the survey was about how many people respondents dated at once.Even in cities like New York and London, where apps like Tinder have made it increasingly easy to get a date, people answered relatively conservatively./PRNewswire/ -- If you're not on Tinder, you're doing it wrong, according to a national survey.Tinder, the world's most popular app for creating meaningful connections, today announced results from "Modern Dating Myths," a first of its kind survey that unveils millennial dating habits by comparing experiences between online and offline daters.

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