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The products to be acquired are derived from the Netscape Enterprise Suite and include Netscape Directory Server and Netscape Certificate Management System.

Red Hat plans to start marketing these products as part of its Open Source Architecture over the next 6 to 12 months.

"Directory Server and Certificate Management System will enable the integration of the desktop with a network-wide set of computing services that up until now had only been available from a small set of proprietary vendors." Netscape Directory Server is an LDAP server that provides greater manageability by centralizing application settings, user profiles, group data, policies and access control information into a network-based registry.

Directory Server simplifies user management by significantly reducing data redundancy.

"We became their indentured servants," Andreessen says.

"A big early customer owns you."Loudcloud's executive committee meetings are held each Monday. (another goes by the name Queen Latifah) at the company's temporary Sunnyvale, California, headquarters.

The company he founded with Jim Clark in the spring of 1994, the company that made him the Internet generation's poster boy and its first fresh-faced IPO multimillionaire, is a phantom limb, lost in the trenches of the browser wars.

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to acquire certain assets of Netscape Security Solutions."Seven million dollars seemed too incredible to pass up.But what we didn't realize is that we were selling our soul." The check arrived, and the team was jubilant - but then Netscape had to fulfill its obligation to create software to MCI's specifications instead of software that would have been useful to a wide range of customers. Many of these articles have been collected into four books, available at your favorite bookstore.It’s an excellent way to read the site in the bath, or throw it at your boss. Stack Overflow Jobs is the job site that puts the needs of developers first.

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