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This toughness, combined with an equally powerful shamanic spirituality dating back to Chinggis Khan and the Mongol Hordes – intertwined later with Buddhism from Tibet – and a continued adherence to centuries-old customs and traditions, are a seductive combination. They coexist with the land which is not only a means of survival, but the backbone of their existence.

The meaning of land is passed down the generations through language, spiritual beliefs and culture.

Chinggis Khan was conceived when a shaft of light from the sky entered his mother’s tent and impregnated her, so the story goes.

This gave him the right to conquer the earth, since his father ruled the sky.

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The Call of the Wild When the Siberian and Chinese tectonic plates pushed up against each other, Mongolia was formed: a great landlocked highland plateau − sandwiched between Russia and China.

No wonder the fierce warriors of the 13th and 14th century Mongol Empire who were masters at the art of war are still the stuff of legend..

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