Career dating survey

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“We used to think of sex as crossing the line and went into an intimate zone, but now sex is almost a given and it’s not the most intimate part.The intimate part is getting to know someone and going on a date,” Anderson said.Among the singles not dating seriously, four out of 10 prefer to leave dating to chance.Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Josephine Teo, who oversees population matters, wrote on Facebook on Saturday that she is happy that marriage and parenthood remain important life goals that many Singaporeans aspire to."The aspirations captured in the survey give us hope.

The survey reveals their sexual appetites and level of satisfaction, dating habits and preferences, common misconceptions about 50 singles, and their current outlook on life compared to when they were younger and single.As for those seeking potential partners, more are comfortable with online dating and dating apps, and more of them have met their partners this way.These were some key findings released by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) on Saturday (July 8) from its Marriage and Parenthood survey."Singles over 50 are confident in many areas of their lives including finances, careers and friendships, but are not completely satisfied when it comes to their dating and sex lives -- so much so that many have not been on a date in over 5 years," says Dr., relationship expert and author of Your Best Age is Now.

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