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His big break came in 1965 when he appeared as "Alexander Scott" in I Spy (1965), winning numerous Emmys for his performance.

He later appeared in The Bill Cosby Show (1969), playing a teacher, although originally the show only lasted for two years.

The attraction fell victim to the scam after staff received a letter from a contractor informing them their bank details had changed.

But the letter was a forgery and the new account was actually that of former restaurant owner Ashad Ali, 40.

These discounts are intended to speed payment and thereby provide liquidity to the firm. Some retailers (particularly small retailers with low margins) offer discounts to customers paying with cash, to avoid paying fees on credit card transactions.

Site has in its database a large list of Beautiful Girls seeking men.Within hours the money had been distributed to 28 different bank accounts, Bristol Crown Court heard.Ali pleaded guilty to possessing £1.26million of criminal property and has been given a suspended prison sentence along with three co-defendants.He then created a Filmation cartoon based on many of his high school buddies including Weird Harold, Dumb Donald, Mushmouth, and others: the show was, of course, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1972).The theme was humorous but also focused on Cosby's more educational side.

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