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The story will track both their personal and professional struggles while exploring issues about the value of life.A character that seems to be constant in most Asian dramas is the female protagonist's female best friend, but why does it seem like K-dramas feel it's unnecessary for their female leads to have this side kick? If you look at my other reviews, I'm not usually this generous so I do have my reasons for giving this one such high scores in every category. From my drama watching experience (and I have watched quite a lot), the show usually gets draggy around episode 10 to 14. From the very beginning it was so action packed and fast paced I wondered how the writers were going to keep this interesting for another 15 episodes.There didn't seem to be a central storyline, but instead it was quite episodic which would usually turn me off.

This story tells of doctors stationed in the fictional war zone of Urk (Uruk), and follows the love story that develops between a surgeon, Kang Mo Yeon' and a special forces officer, Yoo Shi Jin, both elite in their respective fields.The chemistry between the leads and the second leads was one of the best I've seen.After university student You Jia Qi met Meng He Ping, the two started dating.Zheng Dong knew that he didn't have much time left and asked Jia Qi to help him retrieve back a very important property belonging to him.Etiketler: koreanturk, koreantürk.com, koreaturk kore dizileri, The Heirs, The Heirs 4, The Heirs 4.

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