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The difference is due to gender disparity in the number of songs, with male singers performing a considerably higher percentage of popular songs than female performers during that time period.The research, conducted by Jennifer W Shewmaker, Andrew P Smiler and Brittany Hearon, examined sexual stereotypes in popular music lyrics across five decades.Picture this: On a night out with your girlfriends, they are impishly exchanging naughty texts with their beaus and yapping about their mischievous dating escapades, while all you have to share are boring stories of your life as a Mrs. Chocolates, flowers, random surprises – these little tokens of affection you had spent every day eagerly looking forward to may as well have disappeared after you have tied the knot for life. The excitement That butterflies in the stomach feeling when he starts to have the hots for you. Dancing together “Dating” back to those days, he treated you like a Barbie and hung on every word out of your mouth. That illusion is shattered once you share a house and, worse, a bathroom.Let’s face it – even the most happily married ladies miss certain things about flying solo – mostly the thrill of dating. Sly glances, accidentally-on-purpose run-ins, loafing around the college to look for you, and the best of the lot – being asked out by someone. Now that you are wedded to him, he is lost somewhere in the clamor of your chatter. Although some married women might miss certain aspects of dating, they are the envy of several single women.Men in business suits typing as if their lives depend on it into their Black Berries.Of the scattering of women in the crowd, a few like us are single women on a night out. And a handful of young, glamourous things in short skirts and dresses, clinging leech-like onto the arms of older men, who wear beatific smiles of entitlement.By Muslim Mirror News, NEW DELHI: While the RSS & Co is raking the issue of ‘Love Jihad’ only to demonize Muslims and defame Islam , presenting the other side of the story we are giving a list of over 100 famous Hindus who had a Muslim wife. They have twins – a boy named Shahraan and a girl named Iqra. Urdu author Krishan Chander married Salma Siddiqui ——– 3. One of the three daughters of politician Najma Heptullah (niece of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad) is married to a Hindu. Actor Atul Agnihotri married Alvira Khan, actor Salman Khan’s Sister and Salim Khan’s daughter. Former Sheriff of Mumbai, Nana Chudasama is a Hindu Gujarati Rajput. They have two children- Akshay and Shaina, both of whom are married to Hindus. Brinda, Nana’s daughter from his first marriage, is married to architect Alfaz Miller, a Muslim. Actor Aditya Pancholi is married to actor Zarina Wahab. Mahesh Bhatt’s two nephews, actor Emraan Hashmi and director Mohit Suri are Muslim and Hindu respectively. Mahesh Bhatt had a very public affair with Parveen Babi. They had a daughter, the film acress and director Pooja and a son, Rahul. They have a son, Jawahar (a naval officer) and a daughter, Roshni (a doctor). Item song girl Sanobar Kabir (cousin of actress Sonam and daughter of actor Raza Murad) is married to actor Rajiv Singh. Yesteryear’s actor Rehana Sultan, known for her bold, controversial films like ‘Chetna’ and ‘Dastak’ in late 70s, married producer – director B R Ishara, a Hindu. The question is if marrying a Hindu girl is called ‘Love Jihad’ then what word will be used for those Hindus who had a Muslim wife? Actor Hritik Roshan married Suzanne Khan, daughter of actor Sanjay Khan (Actual name Abbas Khan). The couple have a daughter, Alizeb and a son, Ayaan. Actor Feroz Khan’s daughter Laila Khan Rajpal married Rohit Rajpal. Thereafter, they divorced and Mahesh married Soni Razdan who is a Muslim. Director/Choreographer Farah Khan married director-editor Shirish Kunder. Choreographer Saroj Khan’s real name was Nirmala Kishanchand Sadhu (Sindhi Hindu). Actor – activist Nafisa Ali, a former Miss India, is married to Colonel (retired) Sodhi, a Sikh (not a Hindu, please note! She is herself a child of a Muslim father and a Roman Catholic mother. Niloufer herself is a child of a Muslim father (Mahmood Deshmukh) and a Parsi mother. Actor -singer Kishore Kumar married Madhubala (real name Mumtaz Begum) in 1960. The niece of actor Raza Murad, Sonam (actual name Bakhtawar), best known as the ‘Tridev’ girl, married Rajeev Rai, producer and director of that film.

She is largely remembered for her relationship with Rajesh ' Kaka' Khanna.Men sing about both romantic love and sex more often than women, according to a new analysis.The analysis of popular song lyrics from 1960 through 2008 also revealed that the female artists sing about romantic love in a higher percentage of their songs.Another scruffy guy blunders past us, turns out to know one of our group, and stops to chat.Something about the way he holds himself and slightly sways side to side makes me realise that he's high as a kite. A woman, near the doorway, stumbling, seems close to vomiting, and has to be taken outside.

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