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(Source: Quellennachweis: Donauschwbische Geschichte. Das Jahrhundert der Ansiedlung 1689-1805 von Oskar Feldtnzer) [Note: Von Neumann, official with the Transylvanian Salt Depot in Lippa] NE of Timisoara; road to Lipova. The Last of the German Village of Aliosch by Anton Zollner, 1997 (German, -would appreciate an English translation to publish) Portion: Aliosch (officially: Alios, Hungarian: Temesillsd) is a stern of Banat village, which lies on the road Timişoara - Lippa north of Blumenthal.

To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] is the largest city in the West Bank, and the second largest in the Palestinian territories after Gaza, and home to 215,452 Palestinians (2016), All security arrangements and travel permits for local residents are coordinated between the Palestinian Authority and Israel via military administration of the West Bank (COGAT).The settlers are governed by their own municipal body, the Committee of the Jewish Community of Hebron.Agadici is a word derived from the Turkish language; Aga meaning 'colonel' and dici meaning 'daughter of.' Therefore, Agadici means, daughter of the colonel.The town was supposedly named after a colonel's daughter when the Ottoman Empire was in occupation of the land that is now the Banat.

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